Saturday, July 08, 2006

for some reason i thought that was your mom.

dude, i don't know if this is even the best way to do this, but this seems like the easiest way to update on a daily basis rather than going in to golive and making new pages to upload onto my website. so, for now, this is this. later is later.
for the past month i have been living in a tent in a small grove of sumach trees. the mosquitoes have been terrible, and the birds wake me up at four or five in the morning, but things couldn't be better. now i just have to figure out how to turn this into my life forever. i think a camper trailer is the answer, so i guess that i should just prepare you for that now, instead of surprising you later. on my website the column on the left is all on paper and that is my most recent work. the column on the right is all on wood, and that is a bit older, but not by that much. i like the wood stuff a lot, but there is a nice thing about usiing paper because it goes so much quickly, and it is less set up time.
anyways how are you doing? how is your summer? would you like to talkk to me sometime? if so, please do. you can email me from my website, and once you do, we can begin to correspond, if you want to. or you can look at, that girl seems to be on to something there.
i work at a breakfast burrito stand in ephraim, WI. I also work at a deli counter in fish creek, WI. I also sometimes work for my fater in lay by chipping brush and splitting logs.
when i am not working ii am swimming and tending fiires and shooting arrows and petting Chloe, the dog.
i will talk to you soon, and thank you for looking.

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