Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shark Attack.

Rat Fur and Man Hair.

This guy.

We were walking to the store and he asks me what kind of fur it is lining his hood.
"Let me look, oh I think that is Rat Fur."
"Rat Fur?"
"Yeah. Wait, did you mean the long fur on the outside?"
"Oh, that is 'Man Hair".
"Man Hair!?"
"Yes, they get it from the barbershops."

Then, as if he is really settling into this idea he says
"Rat Fur and Man Hair!" 
He says it as if he is rubbing his hands across a fine leather sofa.
Like a 'guy could really get used to this' kind of tone.

And this is where I start laughing and he starts laughing.
I told him it was all fake fur but he could joke with people about it if he wanted.
As he scootered away he yelled back over his shoulder
"Good one Dad!"

I thought so.

Good crew

Despite feeling less than 110% this week, I had a good last few days on the job.
It was all about the crew, and I had a good one.
I can only own my own good work, but everyone was on it  for 
this last job. 
And it made all the difference.
It is such a nice feeling when you can focus on your task and 
know that everyone else is on the same page, on their tasks, 
and we are all working towards the same goal.

It helped that there was an endless supply of M+Ms.

A good crew makes any job satisfying, if not fun.
If they don't make it fun, then they make it tolerable.
Sometimes that is all one can hope for in a job, that it be tolerable.

It is not always that I get put with a good crew.
There are times when the crew sucks, and then OH MY GOD does the job suck.
Minutes morph into hours, lunch feels like torture and you 
feel miserable and hopeless and everything is just awful.

So it is easy to appreciate when things are good.
Because you know that things can easily be bad.
With the wrong crew.

Play with fire.

Few Days.

I got me the sick. 
Not an identifiable illness. 
Just a slight, creeping drip. 
Also a worn out feeling. 
I'm fading!
I'm ground up. 
I'm full of apples to no avail. 

It's the season. 
The busy season at work. 
Lots of hustle. 
Lots of waste. 
While the planet continues to bake, 
we pack and ship the pretty things to the wealthy people 
and we feed the garbage to the ocean. 
That is the industry in a nutshell. 
I'm not sure what kind of nut though. 
Probably a salted one. 

The wind is howling outside. 
I like that. 
Probably is like to live on a mountain top. 
Yeah the view is probably spectacular, 
but listen to that wind!!

I've been noticing a trend lately that is scrubby old men wearing Packer jackets. 
Is there a club I've not been invited to join?

We been playing games lately. 
Burger learned to go fish. 
So naturally we all must go fish. 
It's a nice way to unwind the day and get ready for bed. 
Which I'm about to go do. 

I love you guys. 
Call and say hi to the one you miss most.