Friday, August 12, 2016

It Just Does

These days in August are special.
Probably for everyone, always, forever.
If you grew up with a hot August then you know what 
I am talking about.

You want to get the most out of everything.
Fall is right around the corner.
Eat all the peaches.
Savor the remaining melons.
Fill your belly with sweet, sweet corn 
because in a flash it is gone.

And all you have are the memories and
peach juice drying in your "beard."

I am not in my usual place nowadays.
I am Upstate. Sundown.
How I got here is a story for another time
but let's just say I'm lucky.

I am painting in a barn.
I am swimming in a cold water hole.
I am riding a bike 
and I am catching all the reptiles 
and amphibians I can find.

Like I said, I am lucky.

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