Tuesday, July 11, 2006

so much.

dang dude, i am sleepy. i can't sleep in the morning because it is so dang loud outside! shut up birds!!! plus i want to go to sleep earlier, but then it never works because it seems light outside until almost ten, and then there is usually some kind of conversation with T dubs that last an hour or so, by then it is later than i want it to be, and i am all keyed up from my convo. so i end up reading for a while and well, then all of a sudden it is morning. oh, by the way "convo" is short for conversation.
it has been cold lately, 54 degrees in july!? what the F?
well my mom is coming up to visit tomorrow, she is bringing nathan, my brother.
do you have any brothers? aren't they weird?
well, be good. lvoemattehw

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