Saturday, April 14, 2007

Eating hair sandwiches.

I was taking a trip in my mind, remembering, and I realized that it has been almost a year since T and I quit our jobs and moved to the Northern Door to live in a tent. That was such a good feeling. Summer means something to me, it is a feeling that I have held on to since grade school. It feels like a time to reward yourself for getting through the winter. Again this is something that would not make as much sense to someone who didn't grow up with harsh winters, but trust me it is an amazing feeling to be able to walk outside your house and not have at least four layers on.
Almost a year ago. I worked at the Egg Burrito place. I looked out at the lake every day. I went swimming before and after work. I got a free burrito. I got to lay out in the sun and make fires and go swimming naked.
I was better friends with Jim. Jim and I haven't talked for almost a year. He only lived five minutes away.
Now he is in Portland which is like, fifteen minutes away or something.
Now I live in New York.
I don't know, maybe your years don't change so much. Maybe they change more and this just sounds silly, but a year ago I thought I had everything under control.
Now look.
But it feels great, and I am excited by the uncertainty of it all.
I have to go buy some paper and yogurt.
be good guys.

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