Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cobble Stones.


I just want to post a picture!
And my computer is starting to act kind of "wonky".
Like the dock will be really stubborn and also when I try to start Safari it will come up blank.
It is playing mind games with me!
Last time I checked, it is not my job to tell my computer what I want it to do.
It is the computer's job to scan my eyes for subtle signs of emotion and stress, and THEN follow my cues and do my bidding.
Just like a horse does.

Have you ever been fired from a job?
Or have you ever "quit" but in your heart of hearts you know you were fired?
I have quit a lot of jobs before it got to that point.
Actually being fired though, that is not something that has happened to me a lot.
I never been surprised by being fired.
I always sort of knew.
I could see it coming.
And what would I do?
Did I ever say, "Come on Matthew, get it together! You can prove them wrong! You NEED this job!"
Of course not.
I would show up (late), leave a floater in the toilet and slap my boss on my way out.

I guess that is just the way I was raised.
It is the Indian way.

HA HA!!!

I am trying to take things more seriously lately.
I am getting older, and I am getting ready to be more of a role model.
So I can't just up and leave my job anymore.
I need to think ahead, more than just a month or two down the line.
Am I sad about this?
In a way, Hell Yeah I am.
But you know, IT is not so bad.
Like, other than a funny story, quitting like I would never got me anything.

I don't know you guys.
I was just thinking about jobs and stuff.
I hope you have a good weekend.
If you want to talk about Brett Favre on Monday we can call it a date.
421 in Minnesota!
I hope it is to Donald Driver.

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