Saturday, October 27, 2007

A cat named Asthma.

I had to work today.
On Saturday I had to work.
It was raining and windy and cold.

Is that a Haiku?

Then I came home and put on my pajama pants!
And I ate an apple.

Then I was drawing and I thought about two things.

1. I thought how nice it was to be able to sit and draw by myself. This could be
something that I will have to put on a side burner for a while.

2. I thought that if they were to make a movie about Brett Favre, I firmly believe that Will Ferrell
would be a perfect candidate for the part.
Maybe you don't see it right away.
But the more I think about it, the MORE I see it!

The first thing that I was thinking, there was a second part.
I feel very focused by the baby.
Or at least, I think that this baby will focus my attention away from things that aren't important.
I am pretty sure that is a good thing.

Also, I had a second part to the second thing that I was thinking.
I feel like that would be a really good movie to see.
A movie about Brett Favre.

Truen went to help a friend.
They had to ride a train somewhere a couple of hours away.
She will be home late.

Dang dude!
That is ANOTHER haiku!!

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