Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dear Richard L. Weaver

I believe you have confused me with another artist.
But I appreciate it nonetheless.



  1. Dear Lifeintrees,
    I am not likely the "Dear Richard L. Weaver" to whom you have addressed your comment; however, I am a Richard L. Weaver, nonetheless. I am a writer, having retired from teaching about a dozen years ago, and I have written a large number of college textbooks on communication. In addition I write essays that might be of interest to your readers. See the Blog (and list of Saturday essays) at I think you will find the information at this website entertaining, motivating, and inspiring. I appreciate your salutation, "Dear Richard L. Weaver," and I hope you discover the person you are searching for. Have a great day!

  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    If you are the Richard L. Weaver II who co-authored the book Communicating Effectively, I would like to know what posses you to hold such an anti-American view. Throughout this book You continually refer to the wrong doings of America while ignoring the far worse, and more recent atrocities committed by other nations. What causes this behavior?
    If you want to refer to me as a "Dick Head" for being an American patriot, so be it.


No dick heads please.