Friday, November 23, 2007

Empty streets.

I am going in to work tomorrow, Saturday.
It is only for a little while, to clean up around the warehouse.
I am looking forward to it.

I watched the Packer game yesterday.
It was good, and we won and all, but we also let the Lions score 2 touchdowns.
That was not good.

Did you know that I used to play this game called Socom 2?
It is a Navy SEALs game that you play online.
You shoot each other and you get this headset to wear so you can talk to your team.
It was a lot of fun.
I used to play against my brother Nathan.
It was great.

Lately I have been missing that.
I think that it is nice to have something like that available.
Come home from work and play games with people.
In my underwear.

When I go back to Door County, I play a game with Dave called Soldier of Fortune 2.
We used to play Delta Force Land Warrior.
In either case we run around trying to shoot each other.
My favorite is to get him with the knife.

Well, I hope you are doing well.
I am doing fine.

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