Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is it better in Canada?

Oh man, I went to Milwaukee.
Do you know that my favorite coffee shop sold to new owners.

And have you tried driving through there? I don't even know what exits to take off the freeway!

How can it be that a place that never seemed to change changed?

What would I even do there?
Raise a family!?

Well, anyways, I had a show at Hotcakes Gallery in Riverwest.
It was really nice.
I felt like the people there were all sharing the same ideas.
There were lots of Anti-Bush signs.
That was good to see.

I have a question about the world.
Is the world ending?
I mean, did you read about this oil spill in San Francisco?
And I don't know anything about the economy, but I have been flipping through the paper.
And things sound bad.
There are lots of people trying to explain how things only "look" bad.

Also Pakistan.

I know that every generation has it's problems.
And maybe every generation thinks that THEIR problems are the worst.
But these particular problems seem somehow more damaging than previous problems.

But what do I know!?

I put my face on Truen's belly and I get kicked in the mouth!

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