Friday, January 25, 2008

Look who I ran into!

Did you ever see my Dad?
This is him.
I went for a walk with him the last time I saw him.
He lives in Arizona.

I have to admit, I was sad about the Packers.
I was sad to see them lose.
I was having so much fun watching them win.
It made me feel at home in Wisconsin.
I was especially proud of Wixconsin this football season.

Now I am back to regular proud of Wisconsin.

Well, I am alright now.
Did you read that article about Brett Favre in the LA paper?
I posted a link to it?...
I mean, you should read it.

I even wrote to the author of that article to tell him how much I appreciated the article that he wrote.

The last time I wrote a letter to someone was when Hershey released the jumbo Kit Kat Bar.
It was called BIG Kat.
I think that is what they called it.
Anyways, I liked the candy bar, so I wrote to Hersheys to tell them how much I liked it.

Well, I think I will lay down in a while.
Or go get French fries.

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