Friday, February 01, 2008


Dudes! It is so rainy outside! I woke up and I was all like, "Oh HELL no!"
I had my birthday.
It was just a day.

Now I am moving on.
I am reading a book called What is the What?
It is about the Lost Boys of Sudan.
It is very interesting, and at the same time sad and guilt inducing.
Maybe not intentionally, but you know what I mean.
Like when you take some time to think about how your life compares to people with so much less.
And I am not talking about the material things in life.
I am talking about the people that are displaced all over the world, with no place to settle down and live their lives.

It makes me feel grateful that the things that I have are the things that I have.

I was looking at this picture in the paper, it had an old jeep that was all burned out, and there was a mob of Kenyans standing around it while they burned a pile of tires on top of the jeep. They were all angry because of the recent assassination of one of their leaders. A man that was working, trying to heal his country.
He got dragged out of his car and shot in front of his house.

The book I am reading helps to explain a bit why things are the way that they are in Africa.
There was also another book called The Poisonwood Bible that explained how the tribes in the congo all were turned against each other back in the 50's and 60's.

But it is something that feels to me like there is probably so much more to it than you can learn from two semi fictional books.
There are problems that are probably only known to those that live there.

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