Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crabby crabby.

Dang I heard that the Axe walked all over town today.
Did you know that?

Also I woke up this morning and the baby wasn't in his pen.
BUT! I smelled coffee...
So I went in to the kitchen and guess what!?
He made me breakfast!
There was an omelette, some sausages, potatoes and coffee!
The little guy even lit some candles.
He must have seen that on TV.
So even though he made me breakfast, I still had to ground him.
Because matches are not a toy!!!

Today sucked!
I got a ride there this morning.
That was about the whole only good thing that happened to me all day.
Aside from coming home.

But you know, I took a bath, and I ate some meatballs.
I tried to cut my hair in the bathtub.
That was a real bad idea.

Tomorrow is a new day I suppose.

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