Sunday, August 03, 2008

Please let him play.

I had moved on, I can admit that.
I was prepared to cheer on a Packer team not led by Brett Favre.
I was.
Just like a lot of people, I felt I had moved on.

But god damn it, if this turns out with Brett playing for Minnesota, I will
be put into the awkward position of cheering for the Vikings over the Packers.

I mean, Aaron Rodgers might be fine, but he gets hurt in practice almost every year, can't they just admit that Brett
is the team's best chance to go to the playoffs, and possibly the Superb Owl?

Seriously, it isn't that hard.
He admitted he retired too early.
THEY should admit that they want him back, and that he is welcome to come back.

I hope youa re well.
Go Pack.

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  1. Hey Matthew

    Your new work is looking awesome. I just checked it out.

    Axel is looking pretty awesome, too.

    Glad all is well



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