Friday, November 28, 2008

Call and answer.

Do you have any of those?
I was really sad for a while because I felt like I lost all of my friends in the big move of 2006.
I was so caught up missing those friends, that I did not realize that I had been slowly making new friends where I was.
And the other night I got to be with those people for our first true Thanksgiving.

As a family.
As a relocated Wisconsinite living in New York.
As a New Yorker... I guess.

I don't want to get all mushy, but you know, it just felt so good.
To be with these people, to be an invited guest.

This is all a life that we made for ourselves.
We did not carry it over from Wisconsin.
We made it here, and although there are plenty of times that we second guessed it,
the proof that we are doing a good and right thing was evident at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone is well, and let's try and make it into the new year in one piece.


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