Sunday, February 08, 2009

Not on MY watch!

I was cleaning off my desk, and I found a watch!
It came from a box of watches that was in a drawer.
I think I got it from my Grandpa.
Or at least, I took it from that box.

It's okay, I had permission.

I look around at all my stuff sometimes and I wonder what things
if people were rifling through it all, what would they take?
I think it depends on the person.
What they like already.
Still, I don't like to wear watches.
But then there I was, taking a watch.

Like a raccoon or a crow.

Taking a shiny thing that I had no use for.

Anyways, All I am saying is that if you end up going through my crap and taking any of it, please take good care of it.
It probably meant something to me at one point.

As a follow up to my earlier post requesting any fans or admirers of my drawings to make themselves known,
I need contact information.
Like a way to contact you.

Do you know some dickhead went and took navajothunder@gmail?
I want to know who that is.
Who do they think they are!?
I doubt it.

Take care and crap.

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