Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sooner than later.

I enjoy washing out the bathtub.
It is one of several things that I feel very confident in my ability doing.
Cleaning the bathtub and linear equations.
And being awesome at most things I try to do.
Anyways, I cleaned the tub today.
I think one of the things I like so much about this task is how gross the tub gets.
It is gross, and then I scrub it out and it is clean.
A nice new clean surface to get gross all over again.

Truen has been meditating lately, and she enjoys it a lot.
The state that she describes being most desirable, the one that you shoot for, it sounds a lot like when I scrub the tub.
I know it isn't the exact same, but when she describes the whole process to me,
I imagine scrubbing the tub.
Shutting down my brain, strong focus on nothing...
I like it.

Tomorrow I leave for a week in Wisconsin.
I am stoked beyond the beyond.
I will try my hand at dancing at a wedding, I will watch a Packer game at a small Wisconsin bar.
I will jump repeatedly into the lake.
Over and over until I attain my tub scrubbing state of enlightenment.

I love you guys.

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