Thursday, October 01, 2009

Blurry Family Photo.

Do you ever microwave coffee?
This is a trick/habit that I learned from my Wife.
She leaned it from her friends that live in the geodesic dome.
It is not my favorite thing to do, but it is nice when you want some hot coffee in a pinch.

I left work early today, and by early I mean earlier than I normally leave work.
And by work I mean the 8 hour vacuum that is stealing precious time away from my family every day.

I been busy building things, did you know this?
I am getting ready for another open studio at my house.
It is on October 24th, and you are invited.
I may have already sold a piece, and that is good for my self esteem.
It is what David Lynch calls a "green light".
He is a very wise man, and I hope to some day meet him.

I can hear that Axel is awake now, his little feet thundering down the hallway above me.
Oh how he squeals.

It is officially the home stretch, the countdown to bedtime.
After which Truen and I will try to reconnect before we ourselves fall asleep.
I love Axel, but I miss Truen, and it feels like, for now anyways, I have to choose one over the other.
And it really isn't up to me to decide.

But we get to have a babysitter this weekend, and that is good.
Take care.

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  1. Yes, you did sell one! I am trying not to have to buy the red and white piece you posted the other day, too.
    Should I send you a check?
    xo Meredith


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