Sunday, November 29, 2009

I was just kinda kidding.

Oh dude, I got to go to the dentist.
I had a cavity the last time I went, but that was a long time ago, in another lifetime.
And I think the guy I paid to fill it did a pretty sub par job.
That is why I have yet to pay him for it.
And boy am I glad I didn't give him my money because I think the same spot he "filled" is the spot giving me trouble right now.
I figure I should go and get it checked out since technically I have dental insurance now. But from what I gather my teeth would be better cared for if I were an inmate on death row.

Today I busted some skulls and got the family out onto the road early!
We walked to Manhattan and it took us two hours.
We stopped once to get a pastry at a French Cafe in the most un French place in all of Brooklyn.
It was inhabited by a real live French Man! And the pastry was warm and delicious!
It is called Athom, and if you get a chance you should stop in.
Then we could talk about it later, if you feel like it.

We also stopped above the BQE so the Burger could wave at the cars below.
He was pretty impressed, but the cars weren't. They didn't honk or nothing.

From there I carried him across the bridge, and I was filled with sad nostalgia!
I thought of all the times before he was born that True-bot and I used to waste the day away walking across to the city, taking our time and enjoying our mutual silence. Eating where, and when we felt like it. Then heading home to climb back into our tiny hole and sleep the sleep of ages oblivious to how easy we had it.

We finished our walk by stopping at Washington Square Park and turned him loose amongst the other tiny monsters.
But the best was this jazz band that was playing over near the fountain.
When I could hardly stand to listen to the older parents talk down to their children for the other parents' amusement I grabbed my boy and we went over to listen to the music.
He started to dance!
Oh how he danced!! They were a good band, but I think he stole the show.
I am serious, F you for doubting me!
Even the drummer was impressed and gave him a drum stick.
So for a while he was a full fledged member of the band.
He kept time on the sidewalk.

What I am trying to say is that it was a long day, and now I feel a bit nauseous.
I think it was the salad bar we stopped at for lunch.

I think that is all I got.

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