Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You want your freedom.

I am reading this article online.
It is a weekly column about the NFL.
Half way through I start to think about the author.
He is one of those talking heads that just spouts off about football and basically gets paid to speculate about players.
And teams.
But the thing is, WHO CARES ABOUT FOOTBALL!?

Besides me?

I mean, yes I like it.
I like it enough to follow it.
But it gives me nothing in return.
Or I would also say instead that it's gifts to me are unnoticed.
I have not figured out yet what it does for me.

I think maybe I just realized that it is just a distraction.
One of millions of distractions created to keep us a little bit slow.
Slow and oblivious.

You know what is kind of sad to think about?
War just keeps existing.

Do you trust the system?
I don't feel comfortable with it at all.
It's like the system has it all figured out, and when you think you have come up with something the System didn't think about it is like a kick in the balls to realize that OF COURSE the System knew!
It's the SYSTEM man!

Did you watch the trailer for Collapse?
It is a movie.
It is maybe a thing sadder than War.

I have been feeling a bit down lately.
I have been feeling very trapped.
In the past we would have done something impulsive.
Like we may have tried to ride our bikes to New York.
But that is the thing, we were trying to run away but this time we got caught.
And now we have to deal with it.
We have to try and pick up the pieces!
We must rebuild.

Rebuild a semblance of our old lives inside this new, weird prison.


It is so silly because it can all change so quickly.
This guy fell down into an elevator shaft and he was only 23.
How sad.

I hope all is good.

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