Friday, December 25, 2009

Knees and Toes.

So, Holidays huh?
I am still on the fence about how we should be celebrating things around here.
I am thinking of playing the role of a fantastical gift giver named Santos Clark.
Traveling the neighborhood, handing out pieces and parts.
Wisdoms and tools.
Sure it seems like nothing at first, who wants a cog?
A bottle of grease and a spring? What the fudge!?
Next year, if you are still interested, you get some more pieces and tools to help you fit everything together.
Over the years you will assemble, very slowly, a....
Small 2 stroke engine!!!
OR a...
Lamp with a dimmer switch!

For today though I have to just be at the mercy of my family and go out to eat or something.
Lots of plastic toys and some new sweaters and stuff.
So far so good.

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