Friday, January 08, 2010

Ice Flow.

This morning as I was chopping dried fruit for my oatmeal, the Burger asked me a question.
I don't remember what the question was because in the split second that I contemplated an answer, I lost my focus and chopped the tip off of my thumb. Maybe not the whole tip, but a good couple of layers of skin.
Let me put it this way, I could pick up the chunk of skin I just lost and use it as a good example of why you should ignore your children's questions when you are wielding a knife.
This is the same knife that cut my foot off, or TRIED to cut my foot off.
I have a deep respect for this knife, it is slowly trying to kill me.
As I was chopping off my thumb completely, I became aware of what I was doing and tried to slow down the chopping motion.
This is a bad idea because it makes the act of chopping off your thumb slower than it needs to be, and you end up feeling it a bit more than if you were to just do it in one swift chop.
It scraped across and down my thumbnail.
That was the grossest part.

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