Monday, January 11, 2010

The Softly Lit Sammy.

Back when the Boy was brand new to our family unit he used to do this thing.
When he would be sucking on T's boob, he would reach up and stroke her pit hairs.
She told me this one day after I had gotten home from work and we were sitting outside drinking beers.

"What does it feel like?"
"It feels like a little hand petting my arm pit."

I was always sort of jealous of my wife and son in the beginning.
And this was just another small log tossed onto the slow fire of my jealousy.
I just felt like I was missing out in some way.
There was a connection that I just wasn't making somewhere along the line.

This morning when I heard him wake up, I got up out of bed.
He was standing in his crib, and he said "Hi".
I picked him up and kissed his face, and I brought him into our bed to make a good ol' fashioned Kirk Sandwich before I had to get ready for work.
Sometimes, even though I don't think there is actually anything in there, he will still suck on T's boob.
Only in the morning, when we are still all too sleepy to do anything else.
And lately he seems more interested in walking around in the dark and making me nervous, but this morning he just settled in and went to town and I started to doze off.

Then I felt it.

A tiny, chubby little hand in my arm pit.
Little fingers searching for comfort.
And I just about balled my eyes out.
How did he know!

He was connecting the circuit!
He was adding the special ingredient to the sandwich!
Imagine a softly glowing sandwich under a blanket.
This was my morning.

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  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    DUDE! I used to compete on the Pit-Hair-Sandwich circuit. I had to leave when the endorsement deals sort of evaporated for some reason. Glad there's someone carrying the torch. goodbyejstn


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