Monday, March 15, 2010

So now this is what is going on.

That is what Burger says now.
He says it like this "nonemmit"!
Tis the cutest.

Seriously though, Dammit!
This leak turned into a huge mess.
I am so very happy that I don't own this place.
I ended up tearing a chunk of ceiling down on account of that is what the internet told me to do.
I am happy I did because it allowed me to look into a bit of the construction of this shit pile.
I discovered it is a total shit pile.
What I mean to say is that I live in a big pile of turds.
Construction wise that is.
Like a bunch of...
Well you see where I am going here.

I would be so sad if I was responsible for building this place.

Anyways, So now I got a big ole hole in the ceiling.
And it is still dripping.

But you know what I can say is a positive spin on this?
It is letting me use my brain.
I am solving problems and it is a great feeling.
I always love solving problems.

How are you?
I am slowly coming out of my depression, my quarterly rush of hormones.
My manstration.
It is ending.


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