Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like They Say In France.

Again I am going to toot my own horn and be proud of my existence.
Why not!?
We all should do this often because it helps you fall gracefully down the mountain.
The mountain of life.

I have been busting my ass getting ready for this group show I am in.
I can hardly believe it and to reward myself I will toot.
Because not only am I doing this art shit, I got all this other shit that I do that
you wouldn't even believe if I told you.

I just can't help but look at things with a positude.
Because I'm a posidude.

F yeah!

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  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

    you are smart for tooting your horn, because optimists live longer and are more successful and happier. and i think i read that they are also richer and more handsome.


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