Saturday, July 03, 2010


This is a painting by Christopher Wool.
He is my favorite painter, I think.
Living painter.
At least in the top 6.
Most people go by 5's, but not me, on account of my height.

Christopher Wool, there is a book of his out now, it is huge, one of those huge Taschen Books.
That's gotta feel pretty cool to have a book made like that.
It is $1000.
I want to look at it so bad, but they are always off limits.
I would really love to see it though.
I think that some day I might have one, after the collapse and I am rummaging through the rubble.
I will come across it and I will think of the time before it all went to shit when things like this book, these paintings mattered to me.
I will treat myself to a break from fleeing the cannibals and wild dogs, kick off my tattered "shoes" and rest my feet for a bit while I peel through the damp pages and absorb the beautiful images in the friscalating dusk light.
And as the sun sets behind the burned out horizon, I will warm my family by burning through $1000. faster than I ever could have before.
Back when it was all worth something.


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