Monday, July 05, 2010

You Set Down.

What a hot one it was today.
All week like this!?
F that in the A!
I can't stand it, I want out I tell you!

T Mamma rode her bike something like 40 miles today.
She looks great.
Sweaty as all hell, but great.

The man that lives over by the train tracks just clanged the gate shut.
How considerate of him.
He collects all our bottles and aluminum.
More power to him.
He shook The Burger's hand once and said some nice spanish words.
Who knows what he said, but it is the thought that counts.
That is how I was raised.

Stay cool if you can.
And if you are not taking full advantage of the ability to jump off of Anderson Dock right now, then you are no friend of mine.
End of story.

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