Friday, August 27, 2010

I hear screaming in the distance.

When you follow the path of least resistance, I mean when that is your preferred method; even when you have a chance to challenge yourself, then you are can't expect yourself to move forward.
Challenges are human kind's best friend.
And you should count yourself lucky if your "challenges" are of the shallow variety.

Just saying.

I will be God Damned if I am going to go out having the "Black Eyed Peas" be the last thing my dying ears hear.
God Damned I tell you.

I hear a Burger running around downstairs.
I have to go tend to that dude.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into Ruell from when I first moved here.
He has a one year old son.
One year old!?
Bro, god willing, you have some good times ahead of you as long as you want to appreciate it, right?

I seriously have to go.
He is climbing the stairs.

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