Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lazy Guns.

You know what I am sick of?
I am sick of advertisements with guns in them.
All the posters for movies, all the TV shows, all the video games...
All these guns!
Like I was saying, I am sick of it.
I don't think that it should be allowed.

UNLESS you are also allowed to show nudity.
I am all for nudity in advertisements.
I am all for nudity in general.
Where is the big powerful nudity lobby when you need them?

I just think it is ridiculous, and I don't even get why the gun needs to be there?
Can't they find a better way to convey what the plot is?
I mean, a gun? What the F is that supposed to mean? Lemme guess, someone is going to shoot a gun?
Who gives a shit?

It is just another glaring sign of how lazy these entertainment industries have gotten.
It's an even more glaring sign of how lazy the people have gotten that all it takes is a stupid gun in the advertisement to be a deciding factor in whether or not we part with our money for someone else's half baked ideas.

Oh well, what do I know?
I just bite the heads off of fish!

Tell me where THAT one is from!

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