Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Step into my office.

How is it that the younger sibling will always command so much sympathy from our parents?
I'm sorry, but I feel like I set a pretty high standard.
And I think I did that because of how I was RAISED!

There is this little boy next door and none of the other kids like him.
It is sad to watch.
I'm not saying the other kids aren't on to something though.

Still, there is this main older kid that is a little bully.
He is so much worse than the scapegoat kid.
But he is also bigger, and fatter.
He is intimidating is what I am trying to say.

When I was little there was a bully that would torment me sometimes.
His name was Dennis.
That kid was the worst, and everyone, even the parents knew it.
How strange to be the adult, projecting all of this negativity towards a little boy.
I mean, he was a little boy and everyone treated him like a bad guy.
So he was a bad guy.
So you see, what I am getting at here is that in this scenario, the adults were the real bullies.
Because the way that they treated this kid helped form him into the bad kid.
I know that there are people that might think this way of thinking is wrong.
I am sure that the parents of all the kids on the block, at the time, were just mad at Dennis for being such a terrorizing figure in their children's lives.
I get that.
He was a product of his environment, we all are, and his environment was especially toxic.
His parents were bikers for christ's sake!

When you grow up with your own parents thinking you are a piece of crap, what hope is there for you?

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