Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am not proud to admit this, but I forget my Mom's Birthday.
I did it last year, and I think I may have done it the year before.
Possibly since I moved to New York, maybe that many times?
And like I said, I am not proud of this.
It is nothing personal.
I certainly feel like the biggest jerk in the world when she has to call me to remind me.

But this year is different because I reminded myself!
With a calendar!
My card did not make it there on time, but take that up with the Post Office!
I mailed that thing on Tuesday.
And I called her also, but she was at church.

I don't know, it sucks I guess.
But it is pretty great that it is 10-10-10.
Like, that has got to be a mathematical miracle to have that birthday, right!?

Well, Happy Birthday Mom.
I hope I get my money back from the Packers, I paid them fifty dollars to play well today.

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