Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dirt Is Universally Dirty, Last Time I Checked.

I know that it has more to do with just keeping a place pristine and nice before someone moves into their new palace, and it could even be a protective measure on their end to ensure that I don't I don't screw up the floors and throw the company into an insurance nightmare, I get it.
It is for the good of all concerned parties that I put these booties on over my shoes.
But GD its hard to not see this as a demeaning display meant to rub everyone's nose in the fact that we are all servants and not truly free.
This becomes especially apparent when you see people not wearing these booties and not getting chewed out at all.
It is an instantly noticeable class identification system.

Or it's the insurance thing.

Whatever it is, these things are like little ovens cooking my feet all day to the point that every step creates little poofs of sweaty foot smell.

I guess those foul little clouds are the great equalizer in all of this.

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