Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fox.

There is drama at work again.
And it comes at a horrible time.
The change in seasons is doing a number on my spirit, I have a healing Huz, and my boy is really testing the limits of acceptable volume in the house.

Add to that a post nasal drip and an ever present lack of deep rest...

See what happened?! I almost fell back into that crevasse!
It's a good thing I am able to turn on a dime, or else I may have lost yet another "follower"...
I have precious few to begin with!

How about that Packers Vikings Game?!
I am STILL high from that, and they won today as well!
I love it!
Growing up my Mom would always say that it was hard to go into the next week on a Packers loss.
And, believing that, I have to question how bad can this coming week be?!

You know, the thing about my job stuff is that I never cared about this crap before, so why should I now?
I mean, of course I want to be responsible, but this is just a job! I have a loving, supporting, strong family at home that screams my name when I walk through the door.
These A-Holes at work that are making a mess of everything, well, they DON'T.
So F them!
I win!!!
I break their ankles!
(That is a Packer reference, and not in any way meant to be a threat... not like it would be hard to do, they all look like they have extremely weak ankles.)

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