Sunday, October 03, 2010

Make it stop!

Here it is!
It's official!
Now you can play the war that we are losing!
From the comfort of your own home.

You know this is wrong.
This is wrong, and it is going to make a billion dollars.

Is this some kind punishment for being so interested by Special Forces when I was younger?
For idolizing the mindset of these hard ass men that could go for weeks without water, food or air?
Did my idolization have a hand in the creation of this game?

Now all that is left is to hook up robotic guns in Afghanistan to our video games in America via satellite so that we can fight the war from the couch, in our underpants with crumbs in our slowly disappearing bellybuttons.

You heard about these soldiers that were killing "armed" civilians and collecting body parts as trophies?
I wonder if that is in this game?
Thumbs and even a head.

There is a big stink on account of you can fight as the "taliban".
It's okay to glorify and commodify the war with a game, but even in the game you have to be a patriot.

I'm sorry, I just feel really bad for the veterans that are coming home to this.
This is just very wrong.

War forever, right?
If it's gonna work, you got to get to them while their young.
That way when they are on the battlefield, they already have a memory of what it was like and it's that much easier to kill another human being because they didn't grow up playing peace, they grew up playing war. They didn't even get a chance to figure any of it out, just point and shoot and work from checkpoint to checkpoint, with your friends.

I think this was the main theme of Metal Gear Solid 2.
Or one of them.
Who knows, that shit was confusing.
But awesome.
I'm gonna look it up and get back to you.

There are some other good tag lines I have seen for this game, I will take some pictures when I see them.
Then I will show you and we can cry together.

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