Thursday, October 07, 2010

You Like Boys!

I am listening to those little kids I told you about that one other time.
It is so sad/weird how kids treat each other.
More importantly I guess is how we let kids treat each other.
What I mean is that I should go out there right now and tell these kids that what they are saying is mean and wrong.
That we need to treat people with respect, and the only way you learn to do that when you are older is if you learn how to do it while you are young.
I mean, I guess that is the secret that right wing conservative christians and neo nazi hate groups have known all along.
Get 'em while they're young.
And I think that it is weird that there are all these ads for all this bullshit we don't need, and very few ads that remind you to be a responsible citizen.

I'm sorry, but I just think that we need to tell kids when they are acting in ways that don't result in a positive future.
Maybe it is just because of these kids outside.

Aaaaahny ways.

I guess the other thing is that parents are very quickly offended when their children are acting in a way that reflects what might be considered "bad" parenting.
Parents are really touchy.
Even the ones that are publicly bad parents.
Those are the worst.

I am going to try to raise the Buhrrghah to be responsible for his own damn actions.
It's okay, sometimes we are all assholes, it is okay to vent once in a while but you have to apologize right away.
It seems to be his preferred method of misbehaving.
By apologizing immediately.

But yeah like I was saying?
Like, if a younger person does something mean, or wrong, if they break a rule, we owe it to the society that we are forced to live in to stop them and tell them so.

... but I think that we can improve on them in order to make the world a slightly better place.

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