Friday, December 03, 2010

All Night Long.

What is there to say anymore?
This time of year, man, it just about kills us.
And there is nothing I can do abou tit.
What, I'ma call in sad to work?
Good luck with that one brother.

You ever end up doing something with the specific goal of shaking things up?
I highly recommend it, it'll get things rolling.
Unclog all the jams in your life.
Yeah, you have jams in your life, sorry to tell you.
Just grab hold of the tree and shake it and see what falls into your lap.
You may be surprised.

What about cards?
You got any cards that you keep in your pocket?
You know, like, cards that you play against people when they step out of line?
I heard that this is a bad habit to have, but I think in today's world, they are a necessity.
And when you deal them, slam them down hard enough to break the table, like in a Dr. Dre video.

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