Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ten Years Of Life.

So it has been ten years now.
T and I been at it for ten years, we got married after four, and been married for six.
It started in Milwaukee and moved North to Door County.
Back and forth like that for a while with a tiny stint in Racine.
It was a lot of fun.
And then for whatever reason, we each had a separate vision of leaving our home state for some unseen dream.
And when we shared our visions it just seemed too eerie to ignore.

Eerie as it was, somehow it didn't cary with it any real weight or reason to take it seriously.
This is why I think we thought it'd be a good idea to leave Wisconsin by bike, in October... with no endurance training whatsoever.

But it was a good thing to take lightly because that lack of urgency helped calm us down while we frantically tried to blame the other one for the poor state of affairs we found ourselves in once we arrived in New York.
The lack of planning was the glue that kept us together, I think, while we found our footing in our new hell hole.
Like one of those movies with the two enemy prisoners handcuffed to each other and running from the law, each of us swearing to kill the other just as soon as we make it to Mexico.

Then we had a baby.
So the plans of murderous revenge had to be shelved.

This was probably for the best because it made us reevaluate all of the things about our lives together up to that point and I think we realized that things were actually quite on track and looking up, up, up!

This is the first time that I have an actual adult sized block of time that was all mine that I am responsible for.
I can look back over an actual decade and chart my life and progress!
It is a good feeling and I am looking forward to another ten years... of life.
That may seem silly.
I don't know.


  1. doesn't seem silly at all, sounds like a good decade!


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