Friday, January 21, 2011

Sticky Tears.

Today I am driving the truck.
There is the Big Truck, the Small Truck and the Baby Truck.
I will be driving the Baby Truck.
I have to imagine that things are stretched pretty thin if they must resort to me driving.
I am just surprised it didn't happen sooner, on account of me being so good at driving.

Also it snowed all night.
So I get to drive around in that.
It's just another day in paradise.

I was thinking about something a lot in my sleep I think, I woke up early, got dressed and made coffee.
I turned on the computer and wanted to tell you something.
Whatever it was I was night pondering, but now I forgot.

I can hear the plows going by, and someone out there is shoveling.
I hope this shuts the city down a little bit.
It certainly will reduce the foot traffic.

I have some oatmeal going on the stove, so I should go and check that, but this was nice, meeting up early like this.

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