Thursday, February 03, 2011

Jules Gregory.

There are times when I go to someone's house and I feel slightly guilty by taking photos of their awesome fortunes.
But then there are times when I don't give a crap because it is basically a sin to try and hide some of the treasures out there.
And this house is a treasure.
This is a house that was designed by Jules Gregory.
I never heard of him before, but holy shit was this house super awesome!
I don't know if this is the house that put him on the map, but it is the one that comes up most in a Google search of his name.

GOOD LORD was this house amazing!
It felt like it was built for my soul.
The house built to contain my soul after my body is no longer a vessel for transport.

It was an added bonus to witness this building in the middle of an ice storm.
The place was covered in twinkles and sparkles.

Oh, and it was full of Nakashima Furniture.

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