Monday, February 07, 2011

Little Tools.

I come home and the Burger talks to me.
He asks me "How was work?"
But he doesn't really want to know.
I mean, he has no real interest in my day.

But if he only KNEW how many different kinds of trucks I see.
Shit, I WORK in a motherfucking truck my boy!!

He is kind of just repeating what he hears T say a lot of the time.
But it is funny because I have heard him tell us that we just need to be patient.
"Just be patient. Okay?"
He knows when to use this phrase, he doesn't know what patience means, but he knows what it feels like.
He sees the similarity in situations and then mimics the phrases.

This is a very valuable coping tool.
All of a sudden he is asserting himself.
I hope he isn't working on some secret tools.
Like escape tools or something.
A shovel or a saw or a fake mustache.

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