Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mister Heavy Hat.

When I was little my Mom planned a really amazing birthday party.
It had a GI Joe theme and it was all from scratch.
There was a scavenger hunt that had us all running around the house and yard.
Kids showed up dressed as Ninjas or Karate Experts.
We had cupcakes that looked like little bombs.
It was probably the nicest party I ever had and like usual I had no idea or appreciation for what my Single Mother was doing for me because I was just a little boy and what had I ever done with my life at that point?

This was the type of party where the presents were secondary.
So memorable was this party that even years later when most of the attendees were grown up and in high school and probably mildly sexually active they STILL would recount that day as one of the coolest things to have ever happened to them.
I swear this is true.
And keep in mind that some of these kids had even been to Disney Worlds!!

Yesterday we had a party for Burger turning 3.
The differences between the party I described earlier and the party we had yesterday are vast and many, but I think their common theme (one my Mom picked up on and planned around brilliantly) is that children like to run around and scream.
In fact I would say that as long as there is space for kids to run and some cake and ice cream you are golden.
You are set.

Next year I am filling the living room with cardboard boxes, I am going to hand out flashlights and set a timer for an hour and a half. I'll put on my shooting range earmuffs and then it's every kid for themselves until the Cake Horn blows.
And maybe, if I'm lucky, Burger will some day tell the story of HIS best birthday party ever.

Anyways, moving on...
You like that cake!?
It was gluten free!
There was also vegan sloppy joes.
Well, the adults seemed to like them anyway.

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