Monday, March 28, 2011

Puffy Eye.

What's the worst that is happening?
There are a lot of worsts.
Personal, Local, Nationally, Emotionally, Socially, Global.

These are scary times.
If "disaster" movies have taught me anything it is this!
There is a command bunker somewhere where a very few people are in control of, and fearing for, the sake of humanity.
The scary situation to me is not in this case the many wars being fought currently.
I am more scared about the environmental disasters that are occurring.
Even more scary than those are the people that capitalize off of these disasters. Or shrug it off, or deny it.
Still more scary than them is the fact that these disasters will kill them also.
So I guess the Hunt-ed has become the hunt-ee.

But I wonder if that's true?
I suppose that every generation has some thing that scares the shiz outta thiz piz.

I just know that the wars aren't as scary because I have been successfully desensitized to war thanks to TVs.
And because THESE types of movies have taught me that there is going to be a dude that will handle it.
So just relax.

And so!
On the bright side, it really puts any of my "problems" into perspective.
And also, it is motivational.
"I don't know why, but I feel the best when I give up control... No control means chaos, and you can't fail in chaos, you must only survive."
I think that was Shakespeare that said that?
Anyways, I just put my head down and plow through my days and try to not look over my shoulder.
Forward Progress is what they call it.

I just got a call from my Huz, she said that it's all cool, we are NOT moving to California...
Crisis crisis narrowly averted.

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