Friday, April 08, 2011

The Cruz.

Things have been pretty stressful lately, I am not going to lie.
I mean, I try not to lie in the first place, it's just a saying I picked up from work.
At my job I mean.
The job that has changed me, according to T.
But why wouldn't it?
I mean, I am there all day, all week, all year.
So, yeah, I guess I am going to pick up some habits or something.
Anyways, like I was saying, things have been hard.

Like for example I have been trying to adapt to this "2 year mentality" which is something that T has developed in order to get through the remaining part of school/living in NY. She has started over, as if she has just arrived and is going to school fro two years and then she's going to split.
It is a pretty effective way of coping with being in a place that you maybe don't want to be in any longer but have to be on account of your inability to plan ahead.
At least I think so.
Oh, and I have adopted the same mentality.
The only problem is that I am not really too upset with the way that things are.
This might be because of like how I was saying earlier that I have had a bit of routine for the past four years and that has of course shaped me and given me structure.
And even though California shines like a beautiful beacon to the West, I am not in some super hurry to get out of Brooklyn.
I'm just not.
I am a creature of habit and four years of repetition works for me.

So there is that.

I suppose that a lot of issues stem from this, and rightfully so.
You go around thinking things are a certain way and then the person that is your partner starts to tug the rug from beneath your feet. I thought the rug tugging days were behind us, but nope, here we go again.
I can't say that I am not aching for a bit of a change.
The daily grind I have subjected myself is starting to grind a bit more than I would like it to.
SO a change of scenery and routine would be nice.

It's getting to that point that is the hard part.
I mean, how do you not settle down over two years?
How do you not form relationships with your surroundings and fellow humans?
Two more years is still two more years.

I suppose we will cross these bridges then.

In the mean time, I am really excited for the warmth to come around.
We may end up getting a car, and that will open up many possible adventures out of the city.
Adventures for the Burger and the Huz.

Things are looking up.


No dick heads please.