Sunday, May 22, 2011

Startle Startle.

I always mean to post while I am away.
But I never actually do.

I flew back to Wisconsin for a couple days.
Then I flew back to Brooklyn for the rest of my days.
At least until T is done with school.
Remember how she is in school? That is so crazy!
I feel bad because I don't really have any understanding of what that is like and so I also don't really have any sympathy either.
I want to, but my robot brains can't comprehend!
It's not like she knows what my struggles at work are like, and why should she?
Besides, she is totally killing it at school.
She's keeping up with all the other B's that she goes to school with, but on top of it all she's also being a Mom to the Burger and a Huz to me and on top of all that she is getting ready to put on a comedy show.
You'd think this would be cause for celebration but she is too tired to do that.
I ask her a question and she looks back at me like an Opossum with a bucket of Minnows.

SO I try my best to leave her be because it's true what they say:
Never startle a Naked Opossum.

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