Friday, June 17, 2011

While I Wait For The Wet To Dry.

Well I don't know, I just was really hoping for everyone to love the Green Lantern on account of how heavily they have been promoting it here in the big cit-ay, but it sounds like maybe that is not the case.
It's just a movie, I know, I can't explain my reasons I guess.

On a completely different topic I went and made a purchase.
It is not extravagant by most people's standards, maybe...
But for me it was a big step and I really am hoping it pays off somehow.
I just keep telling myself that it is all part of the plan, it fits nicely inside the unified field and is meant to be.
But then when I look at my checking account balance I kind of feel like I might as well have bought a couple hundred lottery tickets.

Do you still believe in the concept of money?
It is hard for me to give two craps about it since it seems like all the news about the economy is pretty dire.
But then, maybe that's just what Murdoch wants me to think so that I DON'T give two craps and in turn give him all my money.
What a crafty bastard.

I was reading about all these dudes that are in charge.
In charge of the world I mean.
What a bunch of fat, ugly white men.

Speaking of fat ugly white dudes...
It's gonna be Fathers Day soon, huh?
I wrote about that once, here.
Much like that time, and every time since, I was pretty sure that no one would remember.
But then we started sending Burger to this "special school" and they do things there like crafts and songs and such...
It's like a mini college.
And they made me some presents, or I should say that the school made Burger make me some presents for my special day.
T was all like "open them up!"
Ima saving those things until the very last second, savoring the surprise.
Fighting off the inevitable tears until I have a hot stack of flapjacks to ball over.
I can only assume that there is tempra paint involved, so I'll need to avoid that.
THAT'S where the flapjacks come in.
They're nature's sponge you know.
I can't wait!

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