Friday, July 01, 2011

Rogue Elephant.

Out of nowhere I have developed some allergies.
The seasonal kind.
At first it was just a mild sneezing fit here and there (and everywhere) and then it was slight throat discomfort in the morning hours.
Lately it has been extra stingy eyes, but only when I have them open or closed.
I thought maybe it was just T poking my eyes with one of her tea tree toothpicks while I was asleep, but then I kind of put it all together and figured out what was pretty obvious.
I got some allergies.
Then I went to the Doctor today to show him this tumor that started to grow on my knee.
Turns out it is just a little wart.
Naturally I felt pretty silly seeing as how I had already written out my Will and Obituary.
Both of these documents went in the file under: Important Documents... Written on Napkins
... Whilst Drunk.

Not really.
Not really?
No, not really.

I vented last night.
I told T to "grow up" and I instantly felt like the Asshole.
You know the Asshole of society?
That guy.
She's been upset about going to Nursing Academy, or whatever it's called, and I just got fed up with the long face.
That is a term that my Dad would use when I was little and upset that my Dad was around.
He would say that I had a long face which is true, I have a naturally longish face.
It's not like by smiling my face gets wider.
I'm an Arizona Indian, Not a Cleveland one.
Anyways, I had to take another bimonthly stand and puff up my chest and be the "adult" or something.
She can only see this as the end of her life.
I say "yeah, the end of your unemployed life" but that gets only mild applause.

So, I went bananas for a little bit and then I got myself a bowl and I put two scoops of chocolate ice cream in it and then a spoonful of peanut butter on top.
That helped me cool down a bit and collect my thoughts.
What's that saying, Slow and Steady wins the race?
More like, A bowl of ice cream helps you deal with your partner who is in Nurse Academy.

Not everyone is born being graced with the luxury of knowing exactly what they were meant to do on this Erf. For a lot of us, it takes time. And some of us can't force ourselves into predetermined slots and fall into line.
Watching T go through this schooling is a lot like watching one of them elephants at the circus that you know is just about to snap and go on a rampage and trample some cops to death before going down in a blaze of glory (and bullets) as she stampedes for the ocean.
We both have known each other for a long time now, and we know that the previous people we were wouldn't have been going to no Nurse School.
We know this because we didn't ever do this.
I never had a full time job for more than a summer at a time for chrissakes!
But then we got Preggers and shit changed pretty quickly.
Four years later and here we are.
We all gotta do things that we don't maybe want to be doing, but if you can compartmentalize your brain a bit you can plan your escape while getting paid to be a nurse.

That's the lesson here.
That's where I left it anyway.
So that's where it currently stands.

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