Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A night or two after we got home from our trip I found a tick burrowed into my hip. GROSS! The only other time that I ever saw a tick in real life was one time when my cat had one on her head. That one looked ready to pop but the one I found slowly stealing my life away was so tiny and flat that I have to imagine it hadn't been there for that long.
At least I hope it wasn't.
Guh, sick!
I mentioned this tick in a conversation with my Mom and nothing was really said about it. Then today I emailed her just to check in and remind her that I am the more considerate of her two (that we know of) sons and I mentioned how I was feeling so tired today, but what I didn't mention was that I was up late talking to my Huz about life and shit. So when my Mom writes me back she says not to worry, but to pay attention to any symptoms that might point towards Lymes Disease.
Well I thought I was tired, but now I just think that my joints and eyes are swelling and I am slowly being driven mad from my tick bite.
It's weird how your day's thoughts can change direction on a dime like that.
That's all I got.

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