Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turning Dirty.

When I close my eyes I am still in the cold stream water in Woodstock.
I am trying my hardest not to complain about being back, I don't want to soil my memories by over exaggerating how great it was, so I won't.
I only wish I had been able to get us away sooner, and for longer.
Mainly for the benefit of my Huz, T.

I look at her and I see someone that is working so hard.
I don't know if I give her enough credit, and I probably complain about her lack of culinary skills and the almost complete absence of back rubs too often, but she is doing something really huge for me and Burger.
Bigger than rubbing the pain out of my shoulder, or cooking me a casserole although when I type it out, both of those things sound pretty amazing...

Maybe you're saying "so what? I do huge things for my family all the time."
If this is true, than that is great news.
Give your self a pat on the butt.
You are a true adult.

We woke up last night with some really strong winds blowing water in through the leaks around our windows and so we had a little emergency clean up/damage control going on. We both worked our duties half asleep and more than half scared that the walls were going to fall down around us in the middle of the night. There is an exceptionally large, tall tree outside that is beautiful in the sun, but in high winds looks like nature's wrecking ball. We talked about the path that got us to this spot in life and somewhere in the middle, about 5 years back, we must have fallen back asleep.
I vaguely remember saying "Happy Birthday Son"

Today is T's Birthday, she is 30.
When I met her she was 19.
So it's been at least 10 Birthdays now that we been kicking around this planet together.
That's something, right?
A third of my life and counting.
A bond.

I made her a huge, pink cake once.
And I made her a smaller blue cake also.
This year I made her a loaf of Banana Bread and an omelette.
It doesn't seem enough though even though it totally is.

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