Monday, September 19, 2011

Divisible by 2.

I have all these other things going on in my mind other than where I will be geographically speaking in the next few years. Moving to NY was hard although it was actually adjusting to NY that was difficult, the physical moving here was super easy. But I adjusted to this god forsaken hell hole, and I have grown to like it. So the idea of moving away is just never on my mind. But on T's mind, that is all that is on her mind. Or at least that is what it seems like.

I try to stay in the present, and if I do travel to the future in my thoughts, I try to keep it short, sweet and realistic. And usually I am still in NY, albeit slightly better off financially speaking. What I mean is that I spring for the instant noodle cups, no more of this mixing my flavor in bullshit... besides, the cups have vegetables.

Being in the present is a trying exercise, but it is also rewarding because when something is happening that I am unhappy about, I just tell myself that life, it is all about the experience and whatever it is that is causing me grief is just part of that experience. It helps a lot, especially here, but even back in Wisconsin during my visit it helped. What I am saying is that being in the present is maybe universally applicable although I can't say that for sure since I only been in this part of the universe most of my life.

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