Thursday, September 15, 2011

Long Division.

I am back.
I just got back, I ran in the door and straight to the computer to let you know that I am back. You might even say I am back with a vengeance. Back and ready to tackle life by the balls and get some stuff done. I suppose that perspective is not the only reason to go on vacation, and maybe it is an often overlooked benefit, but going back to Wisconsin always gives me a lot of perspective. There are so many things to compare and contrast everywhere I look, my brain just doesn't rest.

See that lake? Can you believe that there are actually people that want to drill this lake? There are also people that want to start pumping the lake water to other states. Can you believe that shit? If you didn't grow up near the great lakes, then you probably don't get how massive these guys are. This lake is HUGE, just look at a "map". Visible from space! And some assholes want to pad their wallets by fucking this lake up.
Well that is no good my friends.

I flew back to Brooklyn and there was a bunch of minor problems and mental chores awaiting me, so I made a list of how best to take care of them. A list! Can you believe that? It helped though seeing as how I already checked some things off of that list I made, so who's laughing now?!

One of those things on the list is that I have to go to the dermatologist to get a wart removed from my knee. It is a common affliction medically known as "knee wart" and I am told it is easily treated. I think they just use an ice cube and a pliers.

Also on the list is getting my teeth cleaned.
I got to do it while I still can.

Oh, and my Dad is visiting for a week.
I forgot to put that on the list!!

I'll just have to live with dirty teeth for a little while longer.
What's one more week anyways?

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